Friday, December 20: Clare McCallan

Little drummer boy ratted tat tattin

as the people kept pa pa pa passing

Little drummer boy playing for the four train

Little bummer boy bought to go insane 

Little boy big bucket

Little boy tryna tough it


Tap it in

Tappin in, to 

city doesn’t want you

Little drummer boy rat a tat tat in 

as mobs keep fla fla flashin

past him 

ain’t no cashin 

Little Drummer Boy’s about to quit 

then, LIttle drummer boy, gets word of it

word on the street gettin clearer

like a four 

train gettin nearer 

that a little boys been born onto Brooklyn 

little boy ready to take on the world’s sin 

so the little drummer boy *stops 

let’s his little drum sticks *drop

And to the city that never listened anyway,

he whispers 

“To a Prince? Man what’s a drummer gotta say?”

What’s a street performer got to do with a savior 

and what’s a savior got do with my behavior 

Am I good?

I don’t, know?

What I am?

is someone who shouldn’t go 

to him.

I’ve got, nothin to give.

I’m just an upside down Home Depot bucket and a pair sticks 

don’t know what he wants for his birthday but I wouldn’t count myself at the top of his picks 

But despite himself 

secretly in search of respite, himself 

LDB, Little drummer boy 

played with an idea, began to toy 

with it

it had a rhy,them 

It went like 

*taps out little drummer boy on box*

It went like

*taps out little drummer boy with shaker*

It went like

*taps out little drummer boy with shaker and tambourine*

It went like 

Little boy 

big savior 

Humble birth 

glory later 


can’t prevail, ya

see it in this baby’s eyes, 

hear it in this baby’s cries 

Like he’s crying for every other boy n girl 

Like he plans on dying for the whole world

Little drummer boy getting on the four train 

Little drummer boy writing down a refrain

Pa rum pa pa pum

Heart beatin like a dr dr drum

And under the glow of a street light, on another starless New York City night 

A street performer met a world reformer 

By some Brooklyn miracle, it was 

A drummer sent to discover,

The wonder who came to suffer.

And for the first time,

It didn’t matter to the drummer that the city never saw him

Cause for some reason, all that mattered now was the savior in front of him

He thought again:

Can I be good?

Yes I can.

What I got?

Is everything I am.

And if it’s good enough for this baby,

well then maybe it’ll be good enough to save me.

I’m good if I fulfill my purpose, 

but my purpose isn’t what this world’s is:

I just want to play for this prince,

And if the rest of my days this is my only audience?

I will be ok.

I’ll Just tap tap and say

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