Be a Storyteller

Are you interested in writing and recording a story for the podcast?

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Storyteller Guidelines

What we are looking for:

  • Empathetic, compassionate, and thoughtful women who want to use the power of stories to build bridges among people of different perspectives, and share the love of God with the world. 
  • Engaging and beautiful stories in a variety of genres, including creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, spoken-word, and song.
  • Stories which are truthful, honest, and belong to the storyteller. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS WHICH TELL A STORY THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU.
  • Stories which aim to build people up, speak of redemption, and share in an honest way.

What we will NOT Accept:

  • We will not accept stories from any storyteller who has used their public platform(s) to denounce, mock, or degrade Catholic teaching. While we will accept stories of difficulties in faith, “dark nights,” and even struggles with doubt, we will not accept stories from anyone who has chosen to use their platform to openly reject the Church and her teaching.
  • We will not accept stories from any storyteller who has used their public platform(s) to mock, degrade, or belittle a fellow human being. While we recognize the challenges present in our current cultural climate, and while everyone is free to disagree openly with someone and their positions, such discussions must be done in the spirit of Christian Charity. 
  • We will not accept stories which speak ill of a specific person’s character. While we understand the many, many stories of pain, trauma, and even abuse, we do not have the practical resources to tell the specifics of these stories in the right way. While we highly encourage any storyteller who wishes to share their journeys of pain with our audience, we ask that these stories do not include negative comments and specific details/names about an individual person or persons.