Our Mission

To empower, inspire, entertain, and educate through the Catholic oral storytelling tradition. 

We hope:

  • To build unity among all humans through the power of storytelling
  • Our stories will humanize one another in this journey of faith, knowing that while we may come from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we are united in the belief that God wants to communicate His message of love and mercy through the power of storytelling
  • To challenge your perspective, move you out of your comfort zones, and encourage you to encounter the movements of Grace in this world. 

How we chose our storytellers:

  • Through careful prayer and research, we have tried our best to find women who are strong in their faith, giftedd in their storytelling abilities, and dedicated in their desire to spread the Gospel message by telling the truth with love.
  • While all of our storytellers are devout Catholic women in good standing, we first and foremost asked the Holy Spirit to show us women who know how to tell a story well. This was central to our mission; putting together a community of storytellers who could honestly and openly share their joys, trials, and vulnerabilities in creative and beautiful ways.
  • We are a Catholic organization which fully supports and seeks to spread the fullness of the Church’s teaching through the power of storytelling. However, while we carefully and prayerfully select our storytellers, we cannot police every blog post, social media post, and comment from our storytellers’ pasts. We trust that the women whose stories we tell are living in full accord with the Church teaching, while also acknowledging there are pastoral implementations of Church teaching that we may disagree on.
  • We believe in the unique gift of women’s voices to share Christ’s message to the world. We subscribe to the proclamation of Saint John Paul II in his Letter to Women, “Thank you, every woman, for the simple fact of being a woman! Through the insight which is so much a part of your womanhood you enrich the world’s understanding and help to make human relations more honest and authentic.” It is this authenticity and truthfulness which we want to share through our platform.

Are you interested in telling your story in a future season?

See our guidelines on the “Be a Storyteller” page